About Us

If you’re anything like us, you are tired of wasting time and money to find true organic and natural products. We spent years and thousands of dollars seeking out products that lived up to their claims. Don’t be taken by their poor quality. We’ve sought out genuine products, and we’re bringing them to you.

When we decided to transition to organic products over ten years ago, we quickly discovered that not all those products were 100% organic and natural. They still contained ingredients that were linked to various ailments including cancer. Some of the ingredients were organic, but the perfumes, preservatives, fillers, and chemicals used to make them were still harmful. The FDA certifies products that contain at least 70% of organic ingredients. However the additional 30% of the ingredients in the items that we purchased were still hazardous to our health. Although it took time to find great products that were in fact 100% organic and natural without the extra gunk, we did, and they’re offered here at Forever Green.

Forever Green uses 70% recycled product for our packaging, and encourage our customers to continue in the process and recycle the boxes, tissue paper, and packing used. It shouldn’t stop with buying organic.