Packaged Food

Fitch Farm Kitchen Certified Organic Infused Oils are made with the best Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil and fresh Organic herbs (in which they dry), making these oils perfect for a healthy compliment to dipping crusty breads and using in sautés. And combined with Fitch Farm’s herb vinegars that are made from Organic Brown Rice Vinegar and fresh herbs, you can create healthy and delicious salad dressings. The oils are excellent for cooking. A heavy oil with a strong olive oil taste, requires less to be used when cooking or creating dressings.

Fitch Farm Kitchen Certified Organic Herb Vinegars are made with organic Brown Rice Vinegar infused with fresh organic Chive Blossoms, Rosemary or Garlic. These vinegars really capture the flavor of the infused herbs. Not much ingredient is required for the full flavor. Excellent with the sister oil for a rich, flavorfull dressing. (Mix a little water to cut texture in dressing, and your favorite seasonings to enhance the flavor.)

Fitch Farm Kitchen Certified Organic Spreads are all made with less sugar than standard jams, so the flavor of the fruit shines through. The FDA states jam should contain over 65% soluble solids (which is the combination of fruit & sweetener) – Fitch Farm uses more fruit. And the sugar they do use is unrefined Organic evaporated cane sugar.

STRAWBERRY SPREAD – OUT OF STOCK Whole organic strawberries, Organic Cane Sugar & Spice. Excellent on toast, and crackers. Try poring onto a bar of cream cheese for a creamy yet sweet appetizer serving on crackers! 6 oz.

GARLIC GREEN ONION SPREAD – OUT OF STOCK Organic garlic and onions, and Organic Cane Sugar & Spices. Excellent mixed with butter and spread on toast for garlic bread. Also, mix with butter and salt, roll out in plastic wrap then refrigerate for an hour for a great garlic/butter loaf to be spread on crackers. Use as marinade or saute ingredient as well. 6 oz.